so grateful for my clients

"Pilates with Carme is revitalising, her energetic approach makes my body feel the harmony between body and mind. Her classes are intense, which is exactly what I like and by the end I feel elevated and elongated. I recommend it to any one who loves a deep and intelligent work out!”
S. Richardson
"Carme has a great tailored and individual approach to fitness.  At the end of each class, I feel stronger, stretched, refreshed and ready for a busy day.”
Sophia Hirsh
"When you come in Studio Carme the ambiance is relaxed and calming. Carme’s attitude is positive and supportive, she makes you work and my body definitely feels stronger and elongated.”
K. Fuller
"Studio Carme is a beautiful place, professional, clean and calm. I love going there! Face workouts are so challenging and fascinating and Carme is a very competent teacher, I highly recommend going along!"
October 2017 - L. L.
"Carme is an amazing teacher, clear, calm and clearly dedicated to her work. But more importantly it works! Facial exercises make complete sense and if you commit the time you will see the results and it is better for you than Botox!"
“For the last two years I have been coming to Carme’s lessons, Pilates and Facial Fitness, and I have always been really looking forward to them, knowing that when I finish my body will feel younger, stronger and more flexible!”
Daniela B.
"Only 6 words... 'My husband is a regular now'. That says it all. I tried and loved it I then dragged him to a class, and he is now totally hooked ... as I am! Carme is absolutely incredible! Thank you for introducing us both to a new world :)"
Karma, February 2016.
"Carme shows an exceptional attention to detail. She seems to understand every part of my body that needs to build strength and over a very short period I suffered less and less with neck aches and back aches. I really look forward to all my pilates sessions with her."
Louise Galvin
"I really enjoyed my sessions with Carme, not only were they incredible insightful but they were fun to learn. My face is already showing changes for the better. Facial exercises make sense, and definitely work!."
Mirelle Davis
"Really enjoyed the facial fitness course - it really helped having Carme explain all the movements so patiently and expertly. Doing the course encouraged me to practice the exercises daily and I can see the difference already - my jawline is firmer!."
Clare Hoare
"Pilates with Studio Carme has really helped me to improve my posture, strength and flexibility. There is less tightness in my upper back and shoulders and I really notice the difference when I am doing other sports."
Juliet Kenny
"From the first time I tried facial fitness with Carme, I was hooked. Despite the initial giggles brought on by some curious facial positions, I have found that the regular exercises have been working. Carme gives that extra push to make sure you are doing the exercises properly, which is especially helpful for me."
Tanya Donley
"I was excited to go to my first facial fitness class and was happily was surprised at how it surpassed all my expectations. I felt the difference right away and was told by a friend that she could actually see improvement instantly. We never think we neglect our face because of all the creams and superficial treatments that we use but working the muscles is a completely different experience that feels amazing in a way no other treatment does."
Lorena de la Torre
"Pilates with Studio Carme has really helped me to improve my posture, strength and flexibility. There is less tightness in my upper back and shoulders and I really notice the difference when I am doing other sports."
Her teaching is very direct and tailored to the needs of each student. Her studio is an oasis and I feel I am treating myself when I take her classes."
Sarah Wellings
"Working with Carme has changed my body in ways I hadn't thought possible. My physical strength has grown as has my flexibility. I stand taller and continually remind myself to hold my posture correctly. Pilates with Carme has taught me to be more aware of how I carry myself."
Tanya Donley
"Carme takes a holistic approach to Pilates; its not just about the actual exercises, its about how to incorporate the right movements into your life. She considers it her job to challenge you all the time and encourage you to push yourself. I am now addicted to my 2 weekly classes."
Alexandra R.
"I thoroughly enjoy my weekly Pilates class with Carme. Carme is an excellent and very professional teacher. I am considerably stronger since I started training. I had very rounded shoulders and doing Pilates with Carme has improved my posture enormously."
Poppy Lilley